our boats

2019 Axis Wake T23 (23.5ft) 

Maximum Capacity: 10

T23 is a professional wakeboard boat, it offers better performance with a perfect surf wave. For first time/ beginners, it gives you faster progress; for intermediate to advanced riders, it allows you to explore new tricks and improve techniques. Last but not least, our T23 is brand new and big, this is the option for large group parties. Don is in charge of T23, he is a HK team athlete and international official boat driver with 15 years coaching experiences.



2020 Moomba MAX (22.6ft)

Maximum Capacity: 7

​The 2020 Moomba Max is newly launched in August 2020. Increased capacity and the adjustable surf wave give you budge option. It is most suitable for beginners and intemediate riders.

2020年8月份全新 Moomba Max 首次登陸 IM WAKE 並投入服務。大容量同可調校嘅surf wave令你唔使再心思思揀邊隻船,適合初學及中級者。

Super air Nautique 210

Maximum Capacity: 4

210 is a traditional wakeboard boat of great value, it’s fun and cozy. This is ideal for small groups (2-4) to chill.